Ending a Relationship

Breaking the cycle can litalso erally mean getting the heck out of your current relationship. If what you’ve got just isn’t working or is even harmful, the best path forward can be to cut ties, move on, and try again.

This is very often not easy to do.

Check out everything we’ve got to say about relationships coming to an end:

Accepting the Relationship Must End

Not every relationship needs to turn into a 65-year marriage. They still provide plenty of value and are worth pursuing. But if it’s not going to last “forever,” it’s going to end sometime.

Here’s everything we have on that final phase of a relationship:


Recognizing you need to break up and actually sitting down and having that conversation are two totally different things. We know it’s hard, even when it’s the right thing to do.

Here are all the tips and advice we have for when it’s time to actually break up:

Moving On

Once the relationship is over, what comes next is super important. While you’re unlikely to forget that person altogether, you will eventually over them and start looking once again. But how you get from point A (breaking up) to point B (back in action) isn’t always a straight line.

For some it happens instantly. For others it takes weeks or months. Some need to grieve, some need to laugh, and some just need to remember.

Here are some resources to help you move on:

Staying Safe

Unfortunately, the incidence rates in dating violence are too high to ignore, and things do happen during the volatile time that is breaking up and navigating post-relationship life.

Don’t let fear prevent you from ending something that needs to end. But also make sure you take steps to keep yourself safe:

Check out these resources on dating violence and staying safe after a breakup: