Break the Cycle – Mission Statement

At Break the Cycle, we believe in a world where every individual, regardless of gender, lives free from the fear and reality of domestic violence. Our mission is to end domestic violence against both men and women through comprehensive support, education, and advocacy.

We are committed to providing a safe haven and supportive services to survivors of domestic violence, offering them the resources and assistance they need to rebuild their lives with dignity and security. Our approach is inclusive and empathetic, recognizing the unique challenges faced by all victims of domestic violence, irrespective of their gender.

Our organization actively works to raise awareness about domestic violence in all its forms, challenging societal norms and stereotypes that often hinder the recognition and support of all victims. We collaborate with communities, policymakers, and other stakeholders to foster a culture of respect, equality, and non-violence.

Through our dedicated efforts in prevention, intervention, and policy advocacy, we strive to create a future where domestic violence is a relic of the past, and every individual has the opportunity to lead a life free from abuse and fear.