Love is Not Abuse App

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Launched in August 2011, the Love is Not Abuse iPhone app is an educational resource for parents that demonstrates the dangers of digital dating abuse and provides much needed information on the growing problem of teen dating violence and abuse.

The app is available free of charge in the iTunes App Store under “Love Is Not Abuse.”

What Make the App So Unique?

The Love is Not Abuse iPhone app is designed to teach parents — in a very real way — about the dangers of teen dating abuse and provides a dramatic demonstration of how technology can be used to commit abuse. Over the course of your experience, you will receive text messages, emails and phone calls in real-time mimicking the controlling, abusive behaviors teens might face in their relationships.

What’s the Point?

The purpose of the app is to provide parents with the following:

  1. Information on the warning signs of abuse and how dating abuse manifests itself in teen relationships.
  2. An interactive tool that allows parents to experience firsthand digitally abusive dating behaviors.
  3. Immediate, concrete steps for parents to take if they are concerned their child may be a victim of dating abuse and/or an abuser.
  4. Links to resources for help such as loveisrespect.
  5. Action steps on how parents can get involved in the effort to educate teens about dating abuse in schools.
  6. Tips to parents on how to talk to teens about the issue.

Where Can I Preview the App?

Who Helped Make It?

We collaborated with the following partners, who guided the creative process and whose resources are highlighted in the app: The National Network to End Domestic Violence, Joyful Heart Foundation, Verizon Foundation, Wired Safety, MTV, Futures Without Violence, Seventeen Magazine, Mom Central and the American School Counselors Association.

In addition, the app was developed by Charles Kliment, Founder and Principal Designer, KAJA Circle and Eric Mansfield and Chris Mollis, Co-Founders and Principal Software Engineers, AppsOnTheSide.

More Information

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