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  • 1 in 3 of your peers experience physical, sexual, or both forms of dating abuse by a partner.  While in college, over half of your peers will experience abusive or controlling behaviors from their partners. 

  • Change begins with you! Download, read, and share the handouts below, join Let’s Be Real, and let’s make A+ relationships the norm.

  • These are the kind of quizzes you actually want to take.

  • NEW!  Safety Planning Guide – a step by step resource 

  • NEW! Warning Signs – Know the signs of dating abuse.

    NEW! Forms of Abuse – Learn the forms of dating abuse.

    General Dating Abuse Facts – Know the facts.

  • Help a Friend – Use this safety plan, infographicand web page to learn how to help a friend or family member in an abusive situation.

  • NEW! Protection Orders and Special Considerations for Minors – A protection order can help you feel more safety and security. Learn more about this option and your legal rights.

  • Dating Abuse Advocacy Tookit – If you have a policy idea related to dating abuse but you’re not sure how to begin activating; an opinion about a bill your state legislature is considering but not sure how to express it; think your school or school board could be doing more to address dating abuse but you’re not sure where to begin; or want to start a campaign, movement, or protest in your community around a dating abuse issue, then you need to download our brand new resource written by and for young people!

Healthy Relationships 101 – this handout and video is for you if you say:

  • “I don’t do relationships; it’s all about the hookups for me.”
  • “Long-term, committed relationships are my jam.”
  • “Eh I’m not into dating, but I do care about keeping things healthy with my friends.”

Consent – this handout and education & awareness campaign is key if you say:

  • “Everyone keeps talking about consent, but idk what that is.” 
  • “I know consent is required, but won’t that ruin the mood?”
  • “I know what consent is, but explaining it to my friends is a whole other story.”

Boundaries – this  handout is your go-to guide if you say:

  • “I have literally no idea how to set boundaries.”
  • “Setting boundaries makes me v uncomfortable.”
  • “What do you mean set boundaries? I’m not sure I get it.”
  • “I’m good at setting some boundaries, but it would help to have examples to tell my friends.”

Freedom And Space – this handout and video is your one-stop-shop if you say:

  • “I feel suffocated in my relationship, but I don’t want to upset my bf/gf by asking for space.”
  • “How can I balance my friends, schoolwork, family, AND partner?”
  • “It seems like I can’t do anything without my bff and sometimes I just want to be by myself.”

Arguing Fairly – this handout is for you if you say:

  • “I want to talk to my partner about a problem, but I don’t want to get in a big fight about it.”
  • “My partner is always calling me names and yelling when we fight. Is that normal?”
  • “What does arguing fairly even mean?”

Breaking Up – this handout and video is for you if you say:

  • “I want to break up with my partner, but I wouldn’t know where to start.”
  • “I’m not happy in my relationship. Should I break up with them?”
  • “I just broke up with my bf/gf and I’m feeling down.”

Dating Apps & Safety – this handout is a must read if you say:

  • “I am never not on Tinder.”
  • “I chat with people online all the time, but sometimes things are creepy.”
  • “My friends meet up with people from apps, but I worry about keeping them safe.”

Defining LGBTQ* – this handout is for you if you say:

  • “Wait, I thought the acronym was LGBTQIA?”
  • “I know what the letters mean, but not the asterik.”
  • “I’m trying to learn more so I can be a better ally.”

Preferred Gender Pronouns (PGP) – this handout is key if you say:

  • “What is a PGP?”
  • “I’ve seen people say their pronouns are they/them, but I’m not sure what that means.”
  • “Why is respecting someone’s preferred gender pronouns important?”

Read the materials for adults or learn more about healthy relationships and dating abuse on Real Stories, Break the Cycle’s blog.