Be Informed

These papers tackle some of the most important dating abuse and sexual assault issues young people face right now

  • Title IX and Dating Abuse – Implementation in Secondary Schools
  • Youth Access to Protection Orders – A National Overview
  • Mind the Gap – Providing Shelter for Minor Dating Abuse Survivors
  • Understanding Minor Access to SAFE Exams

Know the Lingo

Debuting April 1, 2017, this monthly themed newsletter will hold conversation starters to use with young people, keep you updated on the latest “word trends” teens are using, and provide resources that will help you have effective conversations about healthy relationships.

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Get the Handbook

The goal of this handbook is to help adults create an environment for youth where they can learn the skills to create and foster positive, healthy relationships with peers and dating partners.

  • Love Is Not Abuse Parent’s Handbook: How to Talk to Youth About Healthy Relationships

Use the Curriculum

This curriculum focuses on fictional characters and literature to discuss healthy alternatives to abusive relationships.

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Take Action

Bring safety and security to your community. 

  • Learn more about the Things Aren’t Always What You See intervention and awareness campaign, and download the free high-quality posters and campaign toolkit here.
  • Get 2 years of emergency help services from RapidSOS Haven with our referral page. The safety app lets you text 9-1-1 when you can’t talk and has more accurate location capabilities than dialing out with a cell phone.
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