RapidSOS Haven App

Break the Cycle is partnering with RapidSOS
to bring their safety and security app to you and your loved ones.

RapidSOS family safety app

“It is vital that young people know they can reach help as quickly as possible when they are at risk of dating violence. This app seamlessly fits the mobile lifestyles of young people today, making it a practical tool to address a pervasive problem.”  Amy Sánchez, CEO of Break the Cycle

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What is RapidSOS Haven?

RapidSOS Haven is an emergency communication app that allows you to discreetly alert 9-1-1 of your type of emergency and GPS location with the tap of a button. At the same time, relevant information is transmitted to 9-1-1 and emergency contacts (optional feature–only if you designate them) are informed of the emergency. Haven sends important data to first responders that enables them to find you faster and provide better care, in a discreet way that does not necessitate a spoken conversation with 9-1-1.

How else will Haven help me?

  • The “Can’t Speak” function allows you to text information to 9-1-1 when you cannot speak. If you are in an emergency situation and speaking is not a viable or safe option, Haven can help connect you with the help you need.

  • With Family Connect, you can add trusted loved ones as contacts, choose when and where they can see your location, and check in with friends and family with one touch. You can even call the closest 9-1-1 dispatch center on behalf of a loved one, sending their location and vital information.
  • If you’re traveling abroad, Haven’s International feature (a global emergency number directory) makes it simple to reach local dispatchers even if you don’t know the right emergency number.

How can I get Haven?

RapidSOS is offering a free two-year subscription to the Haven Family Plan for Break the Cycle's online community. Sign-up here to get the special offer.

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