Get Involved!

There are many ways to get involved with Break the Cycle and the fight against
domestic violence. You can donate
to Break the Cycle
and you can:


  • Host a small fundraiser (like a bake sale) and donate the proceeds to
    Break the Cycle or another domestic violence organization.
  • Volunteer at a local domestic violence organization. If you’re in Los Angeles or DC, you
    can volunteer for Break the Cycle. If not, try
    your local college campus. Most universities have listings for places that want volunteers.
  • Support federal funding for domestic violence programs in your community. Send this letter to your members of
    Congress. You can locate your Senators here and your Representatives here.
  • Help someone
    in your community.
  • Or come work for us!


  • Host an assembly at your school to raise awareness about teen dating violence.
  • Encourage teachers to address dating violence in the classroom. Check
    out our curriulum for ideas.
  • Recommend a book for your book club with relationship themes. Ask each
    member to donate $10 and give the money to Break the Cycle or a domestic violence organization
    in your community.
  • Start a peer education group. Because teens talk to their friends when they are
    experiencing abuse, peer education can be a lifesaver!


  • Investigate how well your state laws protect teen victims
    of relationship abuse. Contact Break the Cycle for
    help on improving your state laws.
  • Ask a local coffee house to hold an open mic night where people can speak out against
    domestic violence.
  • Find out if your school has a policy about domestic violence on campus. If not, encourage
    them to adopt one.
  • Hold an essay, poetry or art contest around the theme of dating violence
    and healthy relationships. Get a local school, art gallery or mall to display the winners.
  • Make it okay to talk about dating violence at your schools, church or workplace. Post
    flyers, publicize local resources and invite experts to come speak.

We’re building a movement and you can help! Tell
how you are taking action in your community. Contact Break the Cycle for more information.