American teens from across the country are experiencing alarmingly high levels of abuse in their dating relationships, and the economy appears to have made it worse. Nearly half of all teens whose families have experienced economic problems in the past year report having witnessed their parents abusing each other. These teens report a higher incidence of abuse in their own dating relationships.

Parents are disturbingly out of touch with the level of teen dating violence and abuse among their teens. The large majority of abused teens are not informing parents and, even when they do, most stay in abusive relationships.

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Fifth & Pacific Companies, Inc. (formerly Liz Claiborne Inc.) and Family Violence Prevention Fund commissioned research to quantify levels of Teen Dating Abuse, better understand Parental Engagement on the issue, and determine if the Economy had an impact. The result was Troubled Economy Linked to High Levels of Teen Dating Violence & Abuse Survey 2009

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