New Rural Dating Violence Prevention Program

August 01, 2009
Break the Cycle is launching a new initiative to ensure that teens in rural communities get the help they need. These young people experience abuse at the same rate as their urban counterparts, but often have difficulty accessing services tailored to their needs.

Schools Address Dating Abuse… Read More

New York Improves Law
July 03, 2009
In an exciting change of public policy, New York now allows thousands more victims, including teens, to access civil protection orders. The New York Legislature voted unanimously to expand the law. Now, teenagers, same sex couples and cohabitants can access legal protection without involving the… Read More
June 12, 2009
New surveys show that the current economy is leading to a rise in incidents of domestic violence. Help Break the Cycle empower youth to end abuse. Join us in Ending Violence.
June 08, 2009
You have less than a month to join Break the Cycle’s Brick Campaign and build a path to Help ensure that young people have access to all the information they need to avoid abuse and create healthy relationships. Support The Brick Campaign today!

-Published on June 8, 2009

May 12, 2009
A new survey by Mary Kay Inc. shows that the economic downturn leads to an increase in domestic violence. Read Mary Kay’s press release now.
April 20, 2009
Does Your State Make the Grade? On March 24, Break the Cycle released the 2009 State-by-State Teen Dating Violence Report Card grading each state’s laws on how well they protect teen victims of dating violence. Almost half the states failed to make a passing grade and only five states received A’s… Read More
March 24, 2009
Break the Cycle releases the 2009 State-by-State Teen Dating Violence Report Card grading each state’s laws on how well they protect teen victims of dating violence.

The report has already received wide media attention.

Read the full 2009 Report.

March 02, 2009
Dear Friends, The recent incident involving pop stars Chris Brown and Rihanna is flooding the news, bringing the shocking reality of teen dating violence to the nation’s attention. Much of the coverage focuses on the graphic details, feeding misconceptions about abuse without offering… Read More
February 13, 2009
Break the Cycle is happy to announce that The Ahmanson Foundation has generously donated $40,000 to support dating violence prevention. Their gift will increase agency productivity and help us connect thousands more youth with appropriate and effective resources. We thank them for the support…
February 02, 2009
Along with Break the Cycle, Mary Kay Inc. will encourage legislators across the United States to propose laws requiring healthy relationship education in schools.-Published on February 2, 2009
Young Professionals Hosting Unmasquerade
December 29, 2008
Break the Cycle Young Professionals are hosting The Unmasquerade, a night of fun, music and masks, featuring unbelievable live entertainment. Join us February 19th!

-Published on December 29, 2008

December 12, 2008
At Break the Cycle, we work every day to ensure that all young people have the information they need to build safe and healthy relationships. That’s why we are so pleased to continue our partnership with Verizon Foundation.

This year, Verizon generously gave $20,000 to support our domestic… Read More

November 07, 2008
Break the Cycle is pleased to publish our 2007 Annual Report, documenting the year’s accomplishments and milestones. Completing a new strategic plan in 2007, we identified and made strides towards accomplishing the six goals most important to furthering our mission:Educate youth Encourage… Read More
October 24, 2008
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Break the Cycle has launched several initiatives to celebrate.

Through our campaign Speak.Act.Change, we are calling on high school students nationwide to secure their schools and their futures.

This month, we also published the graphic novel… Read More

September 22, 2008
This year’s Savor the Season was a huge success! The event raised more funds than ever before to support Break the Cycle’s life-saving work with youth.

Guests enjoyed food and beverages from some of Los Angeles’ top culinary talents and also sampled decadent chocolates, champagne, and much more… Read More

September 12, 2008
Domestic violence is not a personal issue – it’s a community problem. A recent study shows that if one student is experiencing domestic violence, test scores drop for the entire class. The study, commissioned by University of California – Irvine, showed the decrease occurs evenly, regardless of… Read More
August 29, 2008
At 17, Kristen got a new boyfriend. Things were great, until he started getting violent at the end of 12th grade. After newly two years of cycling through his abusive behavior, Kristen decided to end their relationship. Little did she know, the worst was still to come.

Her long-term boyfriend… Read More

August 15, 2008
Break the Cycle was thrilled to attend Mary Kay’s annual sales-force conference in Dallas. We were greeted by hundreds of Independent Beauty Consultants and were impressed by their compassion, drive and style.As part of Mary Kay’s Social Responsibility booth, we helped spread the word about… Read More
May 27, 2008
Nearly four years ago, I was promoted into the position of Executive Director at a time of challenging transition for Break the Cycle. During my tenure, we have achieved impressive accomplishments, embarked on major organizational restructuring, and clearly defined Break the Cycle’s goals and… Read More
Mary Kay Helps End Violence
May 13, 2008
As part of a global effort, Mary Kay is donating its profits from the Beauty that Counts™ campaign to change the lives of women and children.Through the sale of Creme Lipstick in Apple Berry, Mary Kay is sponsoring Break the Cycle’s groundbreaking Ending Violence DVD – an interactive domestic..