TechFoundation will grant $25,000 to Break the Cycle to help improve nonprofit technology

CULVER CITY (October 29, 2014) – Break the Cycle is pleased to announce that they will be receiving a $25,000 grant from TechFoundation through the TechGrants Program. One of the objectives in implementing this grant program is to draw attention to the need for additional investments in the area of nonprofit technology.  David Altshuler, Executive Director of TechFoundation, said “Break the Cycle is one of the few nonprofits ready to make the most of targeted technology investments.   Our grant will allow Break the Cycle to increase its administrative efficiency, allowing its staff to concentrate on their vital work in the community.”

“Having technology that not only increases productivity, but allows us to meet young survivors where they are is imperative to the work we do. We want to ensure that our curriculum and resources are accessible to all survivors.” – DARLENE KIYAN, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF BREAK THE CYCLE

These technological improvements will help sustain Break the Cycle’s unique, life-saving services for youth nationally through vital technological improvements. These key technology-based investments will increase the productivity of the team to support a more stable, sustainable organization, and will help ensure teens across the nation get the help they need when experiencing abuse.

ABOUT BREAK THE CYCLEBreak the Cycle is the leading national nonprofit organization working to provide comprehensive dating abuse prevention programs exclusively to young people. Whether it’s innovative violence prevention programs, hosting public campaigns or championing effective laws and policies, we inspire and support young people in preventing and escaping unhealthy relationships.

ABOUT TECHFOUNDATION: TechFoundation is a Cambridge-based, nonprofit organization that delivers technology, expertise and capital to help nonprofit organizations serve humanity. TechFoundation envisions a world where nonprofit organizations can access the same resources to serve humanity that businesses use to.