Supporting Victims and Survivors of Dating Violence in Our Faith Communities

Break the Cycle is excited to announce the release of Supporting Victims and Survivors of Dating Violence in Our Faith Communitiesa guide we put togetherin partnership with Safe Havens Interfaith Partnership Against Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse. This guide joins a wealth of resources on  the Safe Havens Interfaith Partners website and is part of a resource toolkit called Pieces of a Bigger Picture: Faith Communities and Service Providers Working Together to Support Victims of Sexual and Domestic Violence.

Statement from our partners…

“At Safe Havens, we believe that faith communities and faith leaders can be important resources for young people as they are navigating relationships, learning what “healthy” looks like, taking notes on what’s happening with their peers, experimenting, and soaking in all kinds of new information. Faith communities could be sources of information about what a healthy relationship looks like, where to turn for help if it’s not, and what to do if you find yourself in that “gray area” in between. We do our young people a disservice if we aren’t talking about this and providing information, referrals, and support. Safe Havens has partnered with Break the Cycle to put together this resource booklet in the hope that it may be useful as you begin or continue this conversation in your congregation.”

Download and share the booklet here. For printed booklets please contact