Love is Not Abuse

Break the Cycle is the new steward of the Love is Not Abuse program!

Love is Not Abuse Resources

Love is Not Abuse Curriculum -- High School Edition

Our newly revised high school edition uses fictional characters and literature to discuss healthy alternatives to unhealthy and abusive relationships. We worked in collaboration with Loveisrespect's National Youth Advisory Board to create three easy-to-follow lessons with youth-friendly language. This approach empowers adult facilitators to lead engaging conversations in the classroom while focusing on creating a culture free from abuse outsice the classroom.

If you are using the old version of the curriculum and are looking for the video supplements, you can access them at the links below:

Click here
to access the first part of the video supplement or click here to access the second part of the video supplement.

Love is Not Abuse Curriculum -- College Edition

The curriculum adapted for college-age young adults.