Benefits of becoming a National Founding Partner

In addition to becoming part of the movement to end domestic violence, Break the Cycle’s National Founding Partners experience an array of partnership benefits.


Break the Cycle’s quarterly newsletter, Breaking News, is read by approximately 8,000 supporters across the country. In January 2003, we launched a new design, featuring new sections that speak to a national audience, including the Legislative Update and the National Expansion Watch. Our audience ranges from entertainment industry executives to corporate lawyers to nonprofit employees. As we continue to expand nationally, Breaking News will continue to evolve to serve a nationwide population.


We often receive requests from media and prominent research organizations asking if we can provide information or a quote on a specific topic. When we are unable to meet these requests ourselves, or when otherwise appropriate, we will call on the Break the Cycle Speakers Bureau, comprised of National Founding Partners at the Silver level and above, who are experts in their fields. As we become known for having “experts on hand” from an array of professions, we build relationships with media that result in more frequent publicity opportunities to increase awareness and credibility for our organization and for our Partners.


On founding the organization seven years ago, founder & CEO Meredith Blake often says that she simply “surrounded herself with people who knew more than she did.” That’s the concept behind the Break the Cycle Brain Trust. The guiding force behind our national expansion, the Brain Trust will continue to grow, adding individuals from numerous fields of expertise. National Founding Partners at the Gold level and above will be invited into this integral group, guiding the strategic deployment of Break the Cycle’s services nationwide. As part of the Brain Trust, Partners will not only reap the rewards of collaborative entrepreneurship, but also build a valuable networking infrastructure.


Also at the Gold level and above, National Founding Partners may call on a member of Break the Cycle’s senior staff to speak at a company event or fundraiser. Our senior staff is comprised of public interest attorneys and managers experienced in public speaking who can address an array of topics including domestic abuse, domestic violence law – especially relating to the rights and responsibilities of youth – and the importance of corporate involvement in the nonprofit world. When a Break the Cycle speaker shares stories of triumph over violence made possible by the support of a Partner, employees and associates will know that their employer’s partnership with Break the Cycle is a worthwhile and meaningful social responsibility.


Partners at the Visionary level will have the opportunity for name recognition on one of Break the Cycle’s nationally distributed products. These resources will become a valuable tool used by service providers, teachers and other professionals nationwide.

Break the Cycle’s Guide to Providing Dating Violence Intervention Services to Youth

Break the Cycle’s Guide to Providing Dating Violence Intervention Services to Youth is intended to educate social service providers – from teachers to case managers to lawyers to mental health professionals – about the special issues faced by teen victims. It is meant for service providers who have existing relationships with teens, those to whom a teen may have recently reached out for help, and those who want to be prepared to help teens in violent relationships in the future. It addresses strategies for working with teens and common issues specific to teen dating violence, as well as information on how battered teens can exercise their legal options. It can help to explain the dynamics of abusive relationships and ways to assist young people in working through the options that may be available to them.

Curriculum video and marketing videos

Break the Cycle produces two video products: a curriculum aid, shown in the classroom to students participating in our three-day program and a marketing piece to help increase awareness about Break the Cycle’s work. Produced through our connections within the Hollywood entertainment industry, these impressive pieces feature former Break the Cycle clients and students, other teens, teachers, legal professionals and others involved in our work. The curriculum video reaches tens of thousands of teens each year, with that number growing exponentially as we expand our services. And our marketing video is shown at major events, benefits and other highly visible venues.

Comparative state-by-state analysis of domestic violence law

Break the Cycle has performed a comprehensive legal analysis of the civil domestic violence laws in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. Slated for national distribution to educators, case managers, lawyers, mental health professionals and other service providers, this analysis includes a breakdown of the states based on how much protection the laws offer young victims and how accessible the protection of the law is to teens. This important product will be vital not only to service providers, but to policy makers and media nationwide.

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