Frequently asked questions about volunteering

Are you interested in volunteering with Break the Cycle but have some questions? Check out these frequently asked questions about volunteering. If you don’t see your question answered below, feel free to contact Break the Cycle’s volunteer coordinator.

How do I become a Break the Cycle volunteer?

The first step is to complete our volunteer application. After you submit the application, our volunteer coordinator will contact you to arrange attendance at an upcoming new volunteer orientation. These orientations are approximately 30 minutes long and give you the opportunity to learn more about Break the Cycle’s work and volunteer opportunities, and for us to learn more about you and your interests. Once you’ve attended an orientation you can get started volunteering. (Please note that Education & Outreach Program volunteers require further training.)

Are there special opportunities available for college and high school student volunteers?

Yes. College students may participate in our Student Liaison Program, which is designed to bring Break the Cycle programs and information to local campuses. Student Liaisons act as the eyes, ears and voices of Break the Cycle on their campuses by educating their peers about this important issue and the services that Break the Cycle provides. Break the Cycle is also launching a similar program in high schools, called the Youth Voices program. In addition, we also offer a variety of internships for law, college and high school students throughout the year. Please click here to learn more about the Student Liaison, Youth Voices, or internship programs, or contact our volunteer coordinator.

Are there opportunities for my school, church, synagogue or community group?

Yes. Throughout the year there are several projects that are particularly good for groups of volunteers. For example, projects such as mailings, phonebanks and special events benefit from the help of organized groups. Please contact our volunteer coordinator for more information about upcoming group opportunities.

What kind of time commitment is required of your volunteers?

Break the Cycle does not require its volunteers to complete a designated number of hours in order to be involved in our volunteer program. However, only volunteers that have actively volunteered for at least two months out of the year will be invited to our annual Volunteer Appreciation Day event. We do ask that our volunteers respect their commitment to our organization by arriving on time to all scheduled volunteer opportunities, and notify our volunteer coordinator of any necessary absence or lateness.

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