Legal Services Program

Break the Cycle’s Legal Services Program provides early intervention services, including free legal advice, counsel and representation, to hundreds of young people each year, assisting them to escape abusive relationships or homes. These legal services are provided in English and Spanish and are designed to provide clients with important information and tools by informing them of their options, allowing them to decide what course of action is best for them, and then guiding and supporting them through that process. The goal is to make clients’ experiences of freeing themselves from abuse an empowering one which restores their independence and confidence.

Break the Cycle’s staff attorneys assist clients in filing for and obtaining temporary restraining orders and provide full representation to clients at hearings for permanent restraining orders and other domestic violence-related family law court proceedings. Break the Cycle also offers broader advocacy services tailored to the individual needs of each client, such as speaking to a client’s family, school or employer about their responsibilities in enforcing a restraining order, or helping a client connect with other agencies for needed support services. Through the “Barter Program,” Break the Cycle’s clients are asked to give back to the organization and community it serves through volunteer work or any other way that fits with their comfort, interests and skills.

By advocating for, supporting and encouraging young clients in their transition from victim to survivor, Break the Cycle helps them to secure safe and healthy futures.

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