Education & Outreach Program

Understanding that law-based education programs are proven effective tools for decreasing crime and violence, Break the Cycle developed an innovative domestic violence curriculum, Ending Violence: A Curriculum for Educating Teens on Domestic Violence and the Law. Ending Violence is the first curriculum of its kind – one that teaches youth that, with regard to domestic violence, they have both rights and responsibilities under the law. Ending Violence is an interactive program, taught in middle and high schools, community youth groups and juvenile detention centers, which uses visual aids, games and role-play to engage and educate students.

Because reactionary or “Band-Aid” measures in response to individual incidents of violence are not enough, Break the Cycle designed Ending Violence as a powerful prevention program to help young people make lasting changes in their lives and their safety. Ending Violence teaches youth that domestic violence is not only wrong and hurtful but also illegal, that the choice to use violence carries serious consequences, and that the law is there to protect teenage victims as well as adults. Students also learn that Break the Cycle is a safe and supportive place they can go to for help if they are experiencing abuse.

In addition to these presentations for youth, Break the Cycle conducts outreach and provides trainings to teachers, school counselors and officials, law enforcement personnel, parents and social service providers. Break the Cycle’s trainings educate adults about dating and domestic violence and the law, and equip them with information so that they can recognize when young people are in need and guide them to help.

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