You have the right to a safe and healthy relationship and home free from violence and fear

There is no excuse for domestic violence! So, don’t believe:

  • He wouldn’t hit me if he didn’t care.
  • She’s just jealous because she loves me.
  • It’s not really abuse because it didn’t leave a bruise.
  • It’s my fault.
  • He didn’t mean to hurt me.
  • There’s no one to help me and I have no place to go.

*** While victims can be male and abusers can be female, 85% of reported cases of domestic violence involve a female victim reporting abuse by a male. Because of this, occasionally we will use “he” to refer to the abuser and “she” to refer to victim. But, we urge you to remember that girls and women can be abusive, and men and boys can be abused.

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