Teens Speak Out: Dating Violence

Our Curriculum

“Knowing about domestic violence is like knowing
about math… you never know when you’ll need it.”

– 15-year-old Partcipant

“Fantastic! I LOVE your program. Excellent use of time, planning,
responsiveness to students. This is an incredibly well run program.”

– Teacher

Break the Cycle offers an evidence-based
curriculum on teen dating and domestic violence. To join our movement and educate
you community, you can:

Our Curriculum & Video

Teens Speak Out: Dating Violence

Teens Speak Out: Dating Violence is a 10 minute video created by Break the Cycle to
introduce the topic of teen dating violence to youth. This short film uses the words of teens
and the stories of young victims of abuse to help young people recognize the warning signs
of abuse and understand that help is available.

Dating Violence 101: Educating Youth about Dating Violence and Healthy

Dating Violence 101: Educating Youth about Dating Violence and Healthy
Relationships is an innovative dating violence prevention tool developed
by Break the Cycle for teachers, community members, and social service providers to educate
teens about dating & domestic violence.

This user friendly curriculum comes with an instructor’s manual, flash cards, activities,
and visual aids to provide an interactive educational experience for participants.

See a sample exercise
from Domestic Violence 101.

Price Information Nonprofit / Public School For-Profit / Private School
Teens Speak Out:Dating Violence $30.00 $30.00
DV 101 Curriculum* $75.00 $130.00
DV 101 Curriculum with Video $95.00 $150.00

*The curriculum comes with a teacher guide, overhead, yes/no cards for use during the
presentation and handouts for participants.

Download the order form and
the flyer. For more information email
or call 310.286.3383.

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All proceeds benefit Break the Cycle.