Reduce Crimes on Campus

Often away from home for the first time and adjusting to new freedoms, college students face unique challenges, especially when it comes to dealing with domestic and sexual violence.

First authorized in the Higher Education Act of 1999, the Grants to Reduce Violent Crimes Against Women on Campus Program (42 USC 14045b) was reauthorized in VAWA 2005 for $15 million each fiscal year between 2008-2011.

The Campus Program is designed to encourage institutions of higher education to adopt comprehensive, coordinated response to dating abuse, sexual assault and stalking. The program:

  • Links campus victim services, law enforcement, health services, student organizations, administration and disciplinary boards with local criminal justice agencies and service providers
  • Requires colleges and universities to create prevention programs that work to change the attitudes and beliefs that perpetuate these crimes
  • Mandates training for campus law enforcement and judicial affairs groups on domestic violence, dating abuse, sexual assault and stalking to improve their response to victims

In FY ’08, the Office on Violence Against Women received 126 applications for campus-based programs. Out of the $9.4 million appropriation, only 21 grants were awarded. We urge Congress to fully fund Reducing Crimes on Campus at the authorized level of $15 million per year.