Name & Motivation

Brick Layers are people committed to ending dating violence by asking their friends and family to participate in The Brick Campaign. When we unveiled the bricks on July 21, 2010, all bricks donated in their honor were displayed together and marked by a sign post carrying their name.


The Brick Campaign is a competition. The Brick Layers who (1) raised the most money or (2) engaged the most donors WON. This year, winners Mae Philpott and Joanne Caruso got to place Break the Cycle’s [Ending Violence] curriculum in a school of their choice, making a lasting impact on promoting healthy relationships.

Meet the Brick Layers

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2010 Brick Campaign. Your work is inspirational!

Name & Motivation

Percent of Goal Raised

Diann Ackard – “As a psychologist treating the sequelae of violence, I find it essential that we work toward prevention. Break the Cycle’s work is critically important in that it empowers teens to lead this campaign against violence. Please join me in building a safe and healthy community.” 20%
Jon Blankenberg – “I am raising money for break the cycle because they educate teens about what a healthy relationship and help them to recognize what an abusive relationship is and to realize that abusive relationships are not ok – and not the norm. I have known too many people who experienced abuse in relationships who feared later relationships because they thought the way they were treated was normal.” 85%
Joanne Caruso – “The horrors of teen dating violence are real, as demonstrated by repeated news stories of young women who have been severely injured or killed by someone they trusted and with whom they had a relationship. Break the Cycle’s work is vitally important and this campaign will help it continue to fulfill its mission to engage, educate and empower youth to build lives and communities free from domestic violence.” 36%
Grace Delgado – “I believe in Break the Cycle and their dedication to promoting safe and healthy relationships.” 50%
Cristina Escobar – “Relationship abuse is so common and there’s no reason it has to be. Join me in stopping this preventable violence.” 111.7%
Susannah Faxon-Mills – “I’m becoming a Brick Layer because I have seen organizations like Break the Cycle continue to do incredible, life-saving work in the face of an almost crippling recession. This is my commitment, as a community member, to support the movement to end domestic and dating violence until that work is done.” 70%
Marjorie Gilberg – “Protecting teens from experiencing dating violence is one of the most important things we can ever do. We are teaching young people about respect and healthy relationships. We are educating them about their rights and responsibilities. And we are making sure they know that nobody deserves to be abused. Please help us break the cycle of violence.” 90.3%
AJ Pearlman – “Break the Cycle is the leading national organization working directly with and for youth to address dating violence. I believe it is our responsibility as human beings to ensure that everyone, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity, has access to safe, healthy and happy relationships. This is why I am asking you to join me in supporting Break the Cycle’s unwavering efforts to put an end to domestic and sexual violence.” 158.3%
Mae Philpott – “I want to help in the Brick Campaign because I think the work Break the Cycle does is important to everyone and the people who work at Break the Cycle are important to me!” 76.4%
Christibelle Salazar – “I’m doing the Brick Campaign for anyone who has felt alone in their relationships. This is to let them know that there is help and it’s important to be healthy and happy!” 75%
Sharon Servaty – “In honor of my daughter who is breaking the cycle! After 11 years of violence she had the strength and courage to pack up her children and leave an abusive relationship!” 10%