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Dating violence harms one out of every three teens in the United States.

One in three is one too many. Young people must get the resources they need to create and maintain healthy relationships.

You Can Help! Young people need a safe space to ask questions, get expert advice, share stories and learn how to become activists against domestic violence. Help Break the Cycle provide these resources – support The Brick Campaign and build your own path to is part facebook and part WebMD. It’s a virtual environment with all the information young people need to prevent, diagnose and escape unhealthy relationships, plus all the support and safety they demand to address dating violence head-on.

Support a Brick Layer! Brick Layers help build the movement against dating violence by encouraging friends and family to purchase virtual bricks for as little as $25!

Buy a Brick! Support your local Brick Layer by purchasing a virtual brick. Bricks are customizable and carry a personal message of positivity, support and hope. We feature all the bricks online, creating a community proclamation from those who stand against domestic violence.

New This Year! Purchase a Premium Brick and your donation supports a specific Break the Cycle initiative of your choice. Still customizable, these bricks feature unique designs that reflect our targeted work with young girls, LGBTQ youth and more.