Celebrity News Puts Dating Violence on the Forefront | Break the Cycle

Dear Friends, The recent incident involving pop stars Chris Brown and Rihanna is flooding the news, bringing the shocking reality of teen dating violence to the nation’s attention. Much of the coverage focuses on the graphic details, feeding misconceptions about abuse without offering resources for help.

In response, Break the Cycle reached out to media to offer expertise and resources so that those who hear the story and recognize warning signs in their own relationships have a place to turn. We issued this media release containing help resources and ways to stay safe.

Because of these efforts, more than a dozen media outlets have featured Break the Cycle. It is vitally important to remember that escaping an abusive relationship is not easy, and victims of abuse need the support of friends and family. We hope this very sad and public example will open the door for teens to communicate openly about their relationships. You can help by talking directly and without judgment to the young people you care about most.

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Marjorie Gilberg
Executive Director

-Published on March 2, 2009