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Who Will Win the Brick Campaign?

It’s not too late to join The Brick Campaign. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to help youth in your neighborhood .

The winning Brick Layers will get Break the Cycle’s [Ending Violence] for a school of their choice. With a month left in the campaign, anyone could win!

We spoke with competition leader Mae Philpott to get her take on the campaign:

Q: What was your inspiration for joining the Brick Campaign?

I truly believe in the importance of the work Break the Cycle does as well as the folks at Break the Cycle who do the work!

Q: Have you found it difficult to get people to support you?

You think more people will come through for the campaign than actually do, but I try and regularly remind folks that I know have not contributed yet.

Q: How have you reached out to people?

I have reached out to folks in my office, colleagues from my industry, friends from all different areas of my life and some family.

Q: Which strategies have you found to be the most successful?

  • Have a competition with someone you know. My sister and I are competing. We set the same goal and love checking daily on our percents!
  • Bring it up whenever you talk to anyone you are comfortable soliciting. Reach out often and in different ways… call, email, text, Facebook. Sometimes being persistent to this degree is annoying to others, but it’s for a great cause!
  • Get your close friends to be small-time bricklayers (if not big-time). My best friends have encouraged their coworkers, family and other close friends to contribute as well.
  • Ask folks (who you know the details of their lives) to donate “in honor of someone else.” For example, a coworker of mine had just had his first granddaughter when the campaign kicked off so I encouraged him to buy a brick for her.

Q: What do you think is the best thing about the campaign?

Besides raising money for a great cause and getting the curriculum into a local school in my Charlotte, NC area, I really love the regular updates of the percent of goal reached.

Join Mae as a Brick Layer and do your part to end dating violence.