No More Campaign

No More is a movement centered on a powerful new symbol that brings together all people and organizations — like Break the Cycle and the Love Is Not Abuse Coalition — who want to end domestic violence and sexual assault.

Much like the peace sign, the yellow “support our troops” ribbon or the AIDS ribbon, the goal of the No More symbol is to help spark a national dialogue and move the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault higher on the public’s agenda.

The person you confide in most at work. The girl in your study group. The guy you play basketball with. Your teenager’s best friend. We all know someone who has been affected by domestic violence and sexual assault.

Join Team No More

With every new supporter, we are closer to being part of a society where no one will stand for this violence or ever have to be a victim. Join Team No More to become a leader in ending dating abuse and receive email updates from Break the Cycle on how to do it.

Use the Symbol

There are hundreds of ways you can help bring NO MORE to life!

  • Share it on Facebook and Pinterest.
  • Tweet about it.
  • Highlight it on your company’s website.
  • Wear it on a t-shirt or button.
  • Make and sell your own products to support local shelters and hotlines.
  • Incorporate it into events at your office, on your college campus or in your child’s school.

Learn More

To learn more about No More, find out how to start using the No More symbol or to join the thousands of others who have said No More, visit

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