Letter from a Teen

Dear Friend,

You don’t know me but you know someone like me.

I thought my boyfriend’s need for my attention meant he cared for me, but his constant calling, texting and facebooking soon became an obsessive and destructive force in my life. It only got worse as his jealousy grew. I felt worthless and confused. One day he exploded and physically attacked me.

I didn’t know what to do. I thought we were in love and convinced myself that his actions were okay, that I deserved his abuse.

Then one day, Break the Cycle came to my health class and helped me realize that I deserve more. They provided me with support I couldn’t find anywhere else. I escaped my abusive relationship and now live free from violence and fear.

Please help Break the Cycle help the millions of teens who are just like me.

Donate today.

Madison M., 17 years-old

-Published on November 4, 2010