It’s Been a Tough Year for Dating Violence Prevention

Dear Supporters,

It’s been a tough year. Many of our donors no longer support domestic violence causes or have simply stopped giving altogether. Because of this, Break the Cycle has experienced a 72% decrease in support from charitable foundations. Corporate support has also declined. We are increasingly dependent on the generosity of individual donors like you to continue our critically important work.

Last week, I spent hours on the phone with a young woman who was frightened and distressed. Her children had been removed from her home. Her abuser was able to gain custody by leveraging his personal connections to influence the local judge and law enforcement. This young mother’s story is just one of so many heartbreaking tales we hear every single day–victims of abuse who are re-victimized by a justice system that is not always adequately prepared or equipped to protect. We know there is still so much work to be done to ensure victims’ safety—especially young victims.

Break the Cycle has scaled back salaries and staff, left open positions unfilled, streamlined our programs and cut our budget by nearly one-third without compromising the quality of our programs. Right now, we are facing our most critical moment yet and we are counting on your help. Our doors will still be open but our influence and impact will be greatly diminished if we are forced to make further cuts.

I am enormously grateful to our supporters whose contributions enable us to teach teens about safe and healthy relationships. Thank you for ensuring we have the ability to train teachers and administrators, school nurses and safety officers, law enforcement and court personnel to improve safety nets for young people experiencing violence. You are also the reason we are able to forge ahead with the drafting of vital legislation that protects families from violence and ensures critical services are available whenever there is need.

Below are three things you can do at this very moment to help secure Break the Cycle’s future:

  1. Join our Sustaining HOPE giving circle and commit to a monthly $10 gift.
  2. Double your annual contribution and/or send your annual gift early this year. Find out if your company will match the gift.
  3. Buy tickets or atribute journal ad for our upcoming events in Los Angeles and invite your friends to do the same.

    If you love musicals, song or dance, then you must join us for Louder Than Words, a celebrity musical revue on September 11 in Hollywood. This star-studded performance is complete with songs from Wicked, Tick Tick Boom, In the Heights, 9 to 5 and more. Click here for tickets and information.

    Savor the Season: Cooking for Love on October 10 will feature amazing chefs and food vendors serving some of the most taste bud tantalizing food ever created! At this year’s event, we are proud to pay tribute to Mary Kay, Inc. for their longstanding commitment to end domestic violence. Click here for tickets and information.

In these challenging times, every dollar you donate truly matters. I appreciate your renewed and continued support.

Very sincerely,