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Break the Cycle Meets with Latin American Dating Violence Advocates

Recently, we had the opportunity to have two incredible conversations with global leaders working to end dating abuse worldwide. As part of the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program, Break the Cycle staff met with South Indian dating violence advocates (link to previously published blog) and advocates from Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama and Paraguay. These amazing advocates chose Break the Cycle as a stop on their tour of the U.S. to learn more about dating violence, sexual assault, and other topics related to gender-based violence. We were thrilled to meet with the following professionals:

From Latin America:

  • Cuba: Ms. Lisandra Orraca Guerra, Volunteer and Workshop Facilitator, for Combatting Gender-Based Violence, Celia Cruz Library Network
  • Dominican Republic: Ms. Niurka Almonte de Espinal, HIV/AIDS Peer Counselor, Hospital Regional Ing. Luis L. Bogaert
  • Ecuador: Ms. Monica Quinonez Rodas, Gender Issues Coordinator, Government of Esmeraldas
  • Mexico: Ms. Wendy Figueroa Morales, Director, National Network of Shelters
  • Mexico: Ms. Lilian Rodriguez Robles, Legal Advisor, Specialized Unit for the Attention of Domestic
  • Panama: Ms. Eusebia Solis Acevedo, President, Women’s Meeting Space (Espacio de Encuentro de Mujeres)
  • Paraguay: Ms. Ana Pavon Benitez, Director, Fight Against Women Violence, Ministry of Women

During their visit, we learned about the landscape of dating violence in these countries. Not all of the advocates work with young people, but they all discussed the importance of working with youth in both prevention or intervention capacities.

Our discussion including strategies for intergenerational outreach and how to engage with young people and adult allies to end violence. We also addressed the importance of developing sustainable partnerships and sharing resources online since it’s the best way to reach young people. We shared what what we do at Break the Cycle to help young survivors, discussing our legal services,  policy advocacy, youth outreach and organization, dating violence education and prevention initiatives.

We will continue to be in touch with these amazing advocates and their experiences in their respective countries. If you are interested in learning more about the work they are doing, click here<.