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This Animal is Not Appropriate During DVAM

Last week kicked off National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, so we find it in bad taste that Maroon 5’s “Animals” video came out days before, glorifying stalker behavior.

At RAINN, they feel that the video is a “dangerous depiction of a stalker’s fantasy.” We tend to agree. From the butchering imagery to the blood shown, it’s videos like these that desensitize young people to the severity of abuse. Although this video was probably created from an artistic standpoint, it still trivializes serious crimes like stalking. For many people, stalking is a real problem they face daily, and this video mocks the nightmares those people are going through when they pick up the phone, check their email or go outside.

Even if the video itself is more artistry than hidden message, it still seems inappropriate to release just days before a month dedicated to spreading awareness about ending dating violence.

Watch for yourself:

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