Become a Fundraiser

You can be a volunteer fundraiser for Break the Cycle! Use our tools and ideas to help end abusive relationships.

Your Special Occasion

When celebrating a wedding, birthday or other special occasion, ask loved ones to donate to Break the Cycle in your honor. In lieu of getting a traditional gift, you contribute to the movement to end abuse. Break the Cycle will not only benefit from their donations, but will also build a larger community of friends.

Host a Party to End Domestic Violence

February 14th only comes once a year, but Break the Cycle encourages you to celebrate love and healthy relationships year-round! Get all the tips and tools you need to host a successful Valentine’s Anytime Party!

Become an eBay Seller

eBay Giving Works makes it simple to auction items for Break the Cycle. You can designate between 10% and 100% to go towards our life-saving programs!

Shop/Search for a Cause

Go through the GoodShop or GoodSearch portal and a portion of the proceeds from your online activities goes to Break the Cycle. All you have to do is use your favorite sites like Yahoo!, Amazon and Target.

You can also use services such as Givenik to purchase specialty items like Broadway tickets.

Do Your Own Thing

Ask friends and family to sponsor you as you run a 5K or do something special for Break the Cycle. You can create a webpage for your fundraiser at to easily share information and track your success!