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Artists & Athletes for Break the Cycle is a unique coalition of celebrities whose cultural influence on youth can have a tremendous impact in raising national awareness of the devastating epidemic of domestic violence in the lives of young people.

Domestic violence, and support to its countless victims, is not new. What is new and highly acclaimed is Break the Cycle’s proactive approach to ending domestic violence by working with youth.

We are continually adding to the membership of Artists & Athletes. The only criterion is a willingness to get involved.

Artists & Athletes for Break the Cycle develop and host public service announcements, incorporate Break the Cycle into other events, and add their names to Break the Cycle invitations and fundraising requests.

Most importantly, members of Artists and Athletes will lend their name and their spirit to the programs and services of Break the Cycle.

As we continually develop this committee, we encourage you to get involved and make a difference. Please let us know if you have someone you’d like to see included in our Artists & Athletes for Break the Cycle committee. Please note that we are looking for spokespersons and examples – not just people with a name – we need people who are looking to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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