For Adults

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Confident, trained adults are the foundation of a strong safety net — for youth experiencing abuse and the entire community.

Who do you Train?

Building on our direct experience working with young people, Break the Cycle offers trainings that help adult professionals build their knowledge and increase their capacity to meet the needs of young people. We work with a wide range of professionals including:

What are the Trainings Like?

Our training programs are grounded in the principles of effective and interactive adult instruction. From lectures, guided discussions and performance-based activities, our presentation methods comprehensively address a range of training needs. Connect with a trainer to inquire about interactive workshops, keynote speeches, panel presentations, webinars and individual consultations.


We offer our trainings on a sliding scale and will work with you to provide an option that meets your budget and needs.

For in-person trainings outside the Los Angeles, CA and Washington, DC metropolitan areas, our fee includes actual costs of transportation to and from the training site, as well as any necessary hotel expenses. We will work with you to ensure these charges are as cost-efficient as possible.

Our fee will also include a per diem for each speaker, calculated at the federal rate for your geographic area.

Take the Next Step

Interested in Break the Cycle’s training programs? Request a training or contact a trainer to talk further!