Los Angeles Office

Break the Cycle was founded in Los Angeles in 1996. The organization has been providing innovative and effective domestic violence prevention and early intervention services to the Los Angeles community ever since.

The Need for Break the Cycle’s Services in Los Angeles
Break the Cycle is the only organization in Los Angeles to provide comprehensive law-based domestic violence education and free legal services exclusively to youth. There is a great and irrefutable need for Break the Cycle’s services in this local community. In fact, 29 percent of the students who participated in Break the Cycle’s Los Angeles programs in 2003 reported that they themselves or their friends or family members have experienced dating or domestic violence. Moreover, over 95 percent of these students state that they think it is important for them to learn the information provided by Break the Cycle, and over 80 percent say they would share the information learned with their friends or family members.

Accomplishments and Impact
In 2003, Break the Cycle’s Los Angeles office:
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