How We Help

Thank you for coming to our middle school and talking to us…Thank you because now I know about dating violence and about how you could stop it or prevent it. I once knew a friend that went through that and now I know there's help out there. I learned a lot from what you taught us. Again, thank you! - 8th Grade Student, 2008

Break the Cycle provides honest, practical help and information for teens and young adults. From learning the warning signs of abuse to safety planning to navigating the legal system, we give young people the tools they need to live safer, healthier lives.

Prevention Education

Building healthy relationship skills for a healthy future.
Key Programs: In-shool programs, Respect WORKS!

Help & Legal Services

Ensuring the safety of teens and young adults at-risk or in danger.
Key Programs:, Direct Legal Services

Public Awareness

Increasing public knowledge and reducing tolerance of violence in our communities.
Key Programs: Hear My Voice, Let Your Heart Rule,, Show Me Love DC

Youth Leadership & Activism

Developing the next generation of leaders in the movement to end domestic violence.
Key Programs: Speak.Act.Change, Speak.Act.Change Girl Power Project

Training & Support

Improving nationwide services for teens by educating adults who work most closely with them.
Key Programs: School-based Policy Development, Support for Youth Service Providers, Support for Rural Communities, College Campus Trainings, Law Enforcement Trainings

Policy & Advocacy

Transforming laws, policies, and systems to improve the lives of teens and young adults.
Key Programs: State Law Report Cards, VAWA, HOPE - Grassroots Advocacy