Resources for Parents & Educators

A+ Relationships are important for the young people in your life

  • 1 in 3 high school students experiences some form of dating violence. Some might call that a public health epidemic. 
  • 81% of parents said they didn't think or didn't know if dating violence was a problem. That needs to change. 
  • Awareness and prevention begin with you! Read the sheets below, join Love Is Not Abuse, and let's make A+ relationships the norm for young people through education.
  • These stats will give you the information you need: General Dating Violence Facts & Why LGBTQ* Inclusivity is Essential
  • Download the Warning Signs HERE
  • Need some motivation? Our CEO has some encouraging words just for you!
  • A Safe Place to Learn, also known as the K-12 "toolkit" and the Considerations for Developing a K-12 Sexual Misconduct Policy, also known as the K-12 “checklist” are available here. 
  • Talk to your child about pornography and its effects on relationships

Healthy, Unhealthy, or Abusive - this sheet is for you if you say:

  • "I don't know how to identify healthy relationships."
  • "I've observed some odd relationship behaviors between my student/child and their significant other. Could this be abuse?"
  • "The behavior of my student/child has changed dramatically. I'm worried about the person my student/child is seeing."

Relationship Realities - this sheet is your go-to guide if you say: 

  • "How in the world do young people date these days?!"
  • "It's only puppy love; no need to go overboard."
  • "Talking to my student/child can be awkward. How do I have the conversation?"

LGBTQ* Inclusivity - this web page is your study guide if you say:

  • "I'd like to make my classroom a safe, inclusive space for everyone."
  • "I really know nothing about how to make my events inclusive of all sexualities and gender identities."
  • "Rural areas have unique obstacles for LGBTQ* young people. I need help navigating that."

#HealthyDatingTips - these graphics are a must-download if you say:

  • "I need fun pictures to help with the healthy relationship talk."
  • "My classroom really needs a healthy relationship theme!"
  • "I follow Break the Cycle on social media, and I've been wanting to print out some of their graphics."

Training Testimonials - this PDF and infograph are essential if you say:

  • "I'd really like Break the Cycle to train our faculty because I keep seeing unhealthy dating in the halls."
  • "My boss says they need more convincing if I want to schedule a Break the Cycle training."
  • "At the next community meeting, I want to suggest a healthy relationship intiative for our community."

Read the materials for students.