Did Your State Make the Grade?

Become a member of Break the Cycle’s HOPE and you will help shape the movement to end dating violence.

Break the Cycle is making great strides influencing laws and policies to better protect young people in every state. But we can’t do it alone. We need your help.

What Is Break the Cycle’s HOPE?

HOPE is a national membership program for people who want to speak out against teen dating violence. By joining HOPE, you become part of an effort to ensure young people have the rights they need to maintain safe and healthy relationships.

With support from Break the Cycle, HOPE members:

  • Raise awareness about the dangers of dating abuse.
  • Call on elected officials and media to address dating violence responsibly.
  • Introduce schools to [Ending Violence], Break the Cycle’s innovative classroom prevention program.
  • Involve friends, family and community members in the movement to end abuse by hosting awareness-building, friend-raising events.

Why Join Break the Cycle’s HOPE?

As a member, you will gain access to materials designed by Break the Cycle’s experts to help you address the issue of teen dating violence. You will receive:

  • A membership card and mailing labels to aid your activism efforts
  • Discounts on products like [Ending Violence]
  • Unlimited access to our special advocacy resources, like toolkits, sample letters and quarterly emails containing tips for taking action and the most recent legislative news

Sign up now to join Break the Cycle’s HOPE. Annual membership is only $10. Together, we will empower youth to build healthier, safer communities.


Make sure to visit our website often, as we will continue to post HOPE-only offers throughout the year!

Did Your State Make the Grade?

Find out if your state protects teen victims of dating abuse. Visit  our 2010 State Law Report Cards Page and learn about what your state can do to protect teen victims of dating abuse.

If your state did well in protecting teen victims, send this thank you note to your elected official thanking them for their leadership and inviting them to do more

If your state did poorly, send this letter of action to your elected official expressing your concerns about your state’s laws and how they should be addressed.

Make Schools Safer

Demand schools take action against abuse.

Protect Young Victims

Every young person has the right to safe and healthy relationships. Send this letter to your legislator to encourage mandated violence prevention in schools and increased access to legal protection for minors.