Key Findings

  • Dating relationships and dating violence and abuse start by age 11, much earlier than expected.
    • 11-14 year olds in relationships report surprising, significant levels of abusive behavior in dating relationships.
    • Significant numbers of teens are experiencing emotional and mental abuse and violence in their dating relationships; this is even more alarming among teens who have had sex by the age of 14.
  • For the first time, data has revealed an alarming correlation between early sexual experiences and teen dating violence and abuse.
    • Sex is considered by tweens and parents to be a normal part of a relationship for 11-14 year old kids!
    • A third of all 11-14 year old kids in relationships report that sexual behavior is evident among their friends.
  • Today’s tween relationship behavior may foreshadow a new wave of abuse among teens in the future.
  • Parents think they know what’s up, but many don’t have any idea.

About the Survey

TRU was commissioned by Fifth & Pacific Companies, Inc. (formerly Liz Claiborne Inc.) and the National Dating Abuse Helpline to conduct quantitative research among tweens (ages 11-14), parents of tweens, and teens (ages 15 18) who have been in a relationship about young dating relationships and the presence/absence of sexual activity and abusive behaviors. TRU independently sampled the three groups and fielded a customized 15-minute survey online to each group. A total of 2,192 interviews (1,043 tweens, 523 parents, and 626 teens) were completed and processed for analysis.

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