[Ending Violence]

After more than a decade of facilitating evidence-based prevention w

After more than a decade of facilitating evidence-based prevention workshops, Break the Cycle is proud to introduce [Ending Violence] - an innovative dating violence prevention curriculum that puts Break the Cycle’s expertise and experience directly into your hands. Buy now!

Safely and smartly connecting with teens, [Ending Violence] helps you teach youth how to:

  • Prevent and safely end abusive relationships
  • Understand their legal rights and responsibilities
  • Create a framework for building healthy relationships in the future

[Ending Violence]’s content can be easily presented using the interactive DVD format – incorporating video segments, interactive classroom activities, discussion prompts, animation, role play activities and extended research projects. The [Ending Violence] package also includes:

  • A comprehensive Educator's Guide
  • A self-guided resource for students
  • A video presentation for adults who want to learn about teen dating abuse
  • Classroom materials that help raise awareness about domestic and dating abuse
  • Exclusive access to handouts, activities, and support via the [Ending Violence] microsite
  • A Spanish-language version of the entire curriculum and accompanying materials

Break the Cycle designed [Ending Violence] to be easily modified to your teaching style, timeframe and students. Whether you work in a middle or high school, whether you feel comfortable speaking about dating abuse or need a little extra support, whether you have 20 minutes or an entire semester, Break the Cycle's [Ending Violence] gives YOU the power to implement a powerful domestic and dating violence prevention program in your school and community!

For more information about [Ending Violence] visit the [Ending Violence] microsite. Click here to order the curriculum online or here for more ordering information.

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