Denver Post – 11/16/2007

Teen Abuse Root of Fatal Shootings
The City of Colorado Springs was witness to the scary reality of teen dating violence when a 17-year-old boy fatally wounded two young men and severely beat his high school girlfriend before shooting himself. Break the Cycle’s state grading system is first-mentioned in this feature story.

Family Circle Magazine – 6/2007

Crazy in Love
A feature story about teen dating violence educates and informs parents about dating violence warning signs, how parents can help keep their children safe and resources for help if violence is suspected in a teen’s relationship. Director of Youth Programs, Liza Lorenz was interviewed and Break the Cycle was promoted as a national resource for parents and teens alike. See a snapshot of this story.

FOX 11 News Los Angeles – 2/6/2007

Teen Dating Violence on the Rise
Break the Cycle client and abuse survivor, Jessica, shares her story in a media piece that provides background for the California State Bill AB589 introduced by Assembly member Lloyd Levine along with California Women’s Law Center, Break the Cycle and Peace Over Violence. The bill was designed to expand California Education Code § 32282 to mandate that high schools respond to incidents of sexual assault, rape, physical and verbal assault and intimidation between students on campus. Specifically, campus police and security would be required to respond to violations of protective or restraining orders occurring on school grounds.

Top Stories of 2006

Dear Abby – 2/27/2006

Breaking Cycle of Abuse Must Start With Our Youth
In response to a Valentine’s Day letter about domestic violence, Break the Cycle’s Executive Director Jessica Aronoff wrote Dear Abby to highlight the importance of addressing this grave issue among teens. Dear Abby provided a quick synopsis of Break the Cycle’s mission and acknowledged her ongoing support for Break the Cycle’s services, wisely pointing out that “the earlier young people learn to differentiate between healthy relationships and obsessive, destructive ones, the healthier our society will be.”” This letter generated over 300 contacts to Break the Cycle via e-mail and via calls to our helpline from concerned teens and parents. Read the full story.

Variety Magazine – 2/17/2006

Monologues Against Violence
In 2001 Eve Ensler, playwright of “The Vagina Monologues,” launched the global V-day movement aiming to end violence against women and girls. Still fighting the good fight, in February 2006 Ms. Ensler announced all proceeds from local “Monologues” productions would benefit designated anti-abuse organizations. Break the Cycle was spotlighted as one of the beneficiaries because of the important preventive services it offers to young people.

Top Stories of 2005

LA Times – 12/19/2005

Helping Women Break the Cycle of Abuse by Partners
When she found herself in the midst of an abusive relationship with the father of her baby, Priscilla, a 20-year-old woman living in the Los Angeles area, turned to Break the Cycle for legal and emotional guidance. Now, she is returning the favor by counseling other young women in similar situations through Break the Cycle’s Peer Leadership Program. The Los Angeles Times Family Fund of the McCormick Tribune Foundation awarded Break the Cycle a $15,000 grant. Break the Cycle will use this grant to continue expanding its outstanding domestic violence legal services. – 6/10/2005

Teens Report Surge in Dating Abuse
A recent dating abuse survey commissioned by Liz Claiborne, Inc., revealed grim statistics showing teen dating violence is on the rise. Liz Claiborne, Inc. announced the launch of their Love is Not Abuse curriculum in partnership with Break the Cycle. Read the full story.

Teen – 6/1/2005

I Grew Up in an Abusive Home
For years, she withheld the secret from others, and for years, her father emotionally, verbally and physically abused her and her brothers and sisters. The painful living situation at home had rippling effects. Eventually she confided in a teacher and sought therapy to deal with her father’s abusive nature. With the intention of helping others in similar situations, she joined Break the Cycle’s Youth Voices – an outreach program aimed at teaching teens about dating violence. Through Youth Voices, she has transformed her troubles into positive energy that is now used to engage, educate and empower other young people. For more information, please see the full story in Teen Magazine’s June 2005 issue.

Top Stories of 2004

La Opinión – 9/7/2004

Rompiendo el ciclo
Columbian immigrant Juliana Gomez credits Break the Cycle (BTC) with saving her life. For years, Juliana tolerated abusive acts and lived in fear of her boyfriend. Break the Cycle’s services inspired Juliana to finally take initiative and break the cycle of violence. After repairing her own life, Juliana decided to give back by counseling others through BTC’s Peer Leadership Program. The article compares warning signs of an abusive relationship in contrast with the signs of a healthy relationship.

Teen People – 8/1/2004

When Dating Turns Deadly
At the age of 15, Rachel Harris finally realized that she was in an abusive relationship after a horrific date with her long-time boyfriend almost ended her life. In months past, her boyfriend had become possessive, violent and overly-sensitive. When her boyfriend attacked her with a knife, she knew enough was enough. In order to teach other teens like herself about abusive relationships, Rachel began to volunteer at Break the Cycle. Rachel believes spreading the word about teen dating violence through organizations like Break the Cycle will significantly lower the number of teens who experience abuse in a dating relationship. Check out the full story in Teen People’s August 2004 issue.

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