Help Us Define Love For Love Is Not Abuse

Wed, 2013-06-26 10:09 � admin

What We’re Doing

Here at Love is Not Abuse, we want to change what people think of when they think of love. We also want to frame our message in a positive way, not just the negatives that come with unhealthy relationships, but we also want to start talking about the great things that come with healthy relationships!

How you can help

You can help us do this by adding your own ideas about what “love is” to our collection.  All you need is a printer and a pen!


  1. Follow this link to get the “love is” image.
  2. Print out the image.
  3. Add what you think love is in the bottom portion of the page.  You can decorate your page with art, or describe your ideas in words. Do as much or as little as you think is necessary to explain your ideas. Get creative and colorful!
  4. Find a nice simple background with good natural lighting.
  5. Using self-timer or a friend, take a photo of yourself holding your page. You can make any pose you like, including covering your face if you want to keep anonymous. Again, feel free to get creative with your poses!

Sharing Your Photo

After taking your photo, send it to us! There are many ways for you to share your wonderful work. You can share on as many platforms as you feel comfortable.

  • Email:
  • Facebook: Tag us in the photo “love is not abuse” (like our page while you’re at it!)
    Use the hashtag #loveisnotabuse and #definelove
  • Twitter: Tag us @love_isnotabuse
    Use the hashtag #loveisnotabuse and #definelove
  • Instagram: Tag us @breakthecycle
    Use the hashtag #loveisnotabuse and #definelove

Check back on the website and our facebook page Love is NOT Abuse, to see all our definitions of Love!