Love Is Not Abuse (LINA)

is a growing national grassroots coalition of adults who want to learn about and prevent dating abuse.

Members can be active advocates, parents, teachers, government officials, health care workers, or basically any caring adult working with youth.  LINA is youth-informed, builds a national adult ally network, and creates content to be used in communities across the country.

The new objectives include, but are not limited to:

  1. Being informed by youth
  2. Building an adult ally network across the nation
  3. Creating a resource center of materials which can be utilized in multiple communities

Ways to get involved with LINA

  • ​​Get access to the It’s Time To Talk Digest!
    • Debuting April 1, 2017, this monthly themed newsletter will hold conversation starters to use with young people, keep you updated on the latest “word trends” teens are using, and provide resources that will help you have effective conversations about healthy relationships.
  • Create and Share Content
    • Enjoy writing? Want to share your story, book, blog or resource? We would love to highlight your efforts and have you join our team of content writers.
  • Educate Your Community
    • Curious about how to lead dating abuse prevention workshops? LINA members use our teaching tools for high school or college students, which focuses on fictional characters and literature to discuss healthy alternatives to abusive relationships.
  • Host an Event
    • Are you great at hosting? Take your skills to the next level by hosting an event promoting healthy relationships.
      • It’s Time to Talk: During Teen DV Month host an event to bridge the gap between youth and adults
      • Let’s Be Real – Real Talks: Let’s Be Real is a national movement for young people under 24. Organize a real talk with youth in your community.
  • National Speakers Bureau
    • Interested in sharing your story? We would love to have you join our Speakers Bureau where stories are shared internally with Break the Cycle and externally through blogs, speaking events, and media. Email us to express your interest

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