Trigger Warning: Depictions of Relationship Violence

Jamie was a standout high school volleyball player, receiving a scholarship to play at college. She chose that school to stay close to home. Jamie still wanted to see her mother, siblings, grandparents and her longtime boyfriend. What Jamie never told anyone, was that behind closed doors her boyfriend could be really mean. He’d insult Jamie, control where she went and set rules for what she could wear. Recently, he’d even become physically aggressive when they fought. He would punch Jamie in the thigh, but she always wrote it off as no big deal.

Jamie thought it was a phase until one night everything changed. He was furious that she hadn’t responded to one of his texts fast enough. When she tried to explain that she’d been busy, he punched her in the face. She couldn’t justify this behavior. Afraid for her safety, but too embarrassed to talk to her family, she reached out to a friend.

Her friend suggested she search online for an organization that could help. That is where Jamie found Break the Cycle. We gave her all the information she needed to go to the court and get a restraining order. We even connected her with a local advocate who’d stay by her side throughout the process.

With her family’s support, Jamie is now in college and gives back by coaching her high school’s girls volleyball team. She teaches her players how to be strong on the court and how to stay safe off the court as well.