Terms & Conditions

The minimum purchase is $25 for one brick. The maximum purchase is determined by the total number of bricks available at the time of purchase.

Funds must be fully received and cleared before your brick will appear as part of The Brick Campaign.

Bricks purchased in the 2008 calendar year will be online until at least May 1, 2009.

Bricks are randomly assigned to available spaces by Break the Cycle staff. If you do not specify formatting preferences for your brick, they will be assigned for you by Break the Cycle staff.

All bricks purchased in April 2008 will be published by May 1, 2008. All bricks purchased after April 2008 will be published within ten business days of receiving payment.

You will receive an electronic copy of your brick via email along with a letter confirming your tax-deductible donation.

Once we have received payment for your brick, you have thirty days to make changes after which, your brick will be finalized. You cannot change the formatting or message after those thirty days.

Once payment is received, no refund is available. If for whatever reason you want your brick and message removed, we will remove it, but you will not receive a refund and the space will become publicly available again.

No obscene/offensive/adult language will be accepted, and Break the Cycle retains the right to decide what is appropriate for and our campaign. If you submit a message that is rejected, you will have the opportunity to provide an alternative, otherwise your money will be refunded and your space will be available to the public again..

When you buy a brick you do not own any part of the site, but rather are granted the right to submit formatting preferences and a short message which will then be published as part of The Brick Campaign.

There may be occasional downtime for site maintenance, but Break the Cycle will make any and all attempts to keep it to a minimum.

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