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Brick Layers: What is a Brick Layer?

Brick Layers are people committed to building The Safe Space by asking their friends and family to participate in The Brick Campaign. When we unveiled the bricks on July 1st, all the bricks donated in their honor were displayed together and marked by a sign post carrying their name.

Break the Cycle provides you with everything you need to be successful, including sample solicitation emails, blog posts, buddy icons, banners and more!


Along with building the movement to end domestic violence, Brick Layers won prizes! Congratulations to Diann Ackard and Mae Philpott for winning this year’s competition. They received great prizes including gift certificates to The Cheesecake Factory and Whole Foods.

How Do I Become a Brick Layer?

Brick Layer registration is closed for 2009. Please check back in April of 2010 to join next year’s campaign.

Meet the Brick Layers

Thank you to everyone who participated in The Brick Campaign. Together, we built the path to The Safe Space. Your work is inspirational!

Name & Motivation

Percent of Goal Raised

Diann Ackard – “My motivation for becoming a brick layer comes from all of the clients in my psychology private practice who have courageously shared their story with me, and who have demonstrated such extraordinary strength in helping others understand the damage that dating violence can bring to a life.” 95%
Eric Anderson – “I’m raising money for Break the Cycle to show my support for their commitment to youth and the idea that every young person needs to have the opportunity to have their voice heard, if we are to ever bring an end to the epidemic of violence affecting this generation. I applaud Break the Cycle’s expansion of in-person and online youth programs and services and I’m proud to be able to contribute towards that goal.” 50%
Andrew Ashiofu – “I want to become a Brick Layer so I can stop the domestic violence taking place in my community. I think we should all have safe homes where the love in our hearts is shared.” 3.1%
Jon Blankenberg – “I am raising money for break the cycle because they educate teens about what a healthy relationship and help them to recognize what an abusive relationship is and to realize that abusive relationships are not ok – and not the norm. I have known too many people who experienced abuse in relationships who feared later relationships because they thought the way they were treated was normal.” 105%
Ali Bodin – “As a survivor of relationship abuse, I want to do all I can to help other young people avoid abuse and escape unhealthy situations, and understand that it isn’t their fault.” 150%
Linda Ellis – “My mother was a victim of domestic violence many years ago. Our father shot and killed her. I want to help raise awareness, direct people to Break The Cycle and prevent domestic violence among teens and young adults. Thank you Break The Cycle for your stand against domestic violence.” 2%
Cristina Escobar – “Of all the people I know who have been in abusive relationships (and it’s a lot), none of them could name what was happening to them. Break the Cycle takes that unknown fear and gives in return a menu of strategies for how to address it. I want my community to support that service.” 91.7%
Susannah Faxon-Mills – “I am participating in the Brick Campaign because I have heard too many adults tell me that they wish that Break the Cycle had been around when they were younger. We cannot afford to let another generation grow up without the vital information, protection and resources that Break the Cycle provides.” 100%
Colleen Gallopin – “The right to be safe in one’s home, body, and relationships is one of the most fundamental rights and the foundation for active participation in society. I believe very strongly in the work that Break the Cycle does to ensure that young people have this right and to engage them in the fight to secure it for everyone.” 95%
Marjorie Gilberg – “Every young person deserves healthy, safe relationships. I want to support Break the Cycle’s mission to build communities free from domestic violence.” 122.5%
Monique Harris – “I am joining this movement to promote awareness of this problem and I feel like if we can reach our youth they won’t end up in violent and abusive relationships in their adult lives!” 10%
Jennika Kirkbride – “I am raising money for Break the Cycle’s Brick Campaign because I have seen how valuable the services we provide and the projects we take on are to the young people we serve. Helping to support these efforts is one of the most important undertakings I can imagine and I am proud to be a part of it.” 37.5%
Veronica Meza – “I am a survivor of domestic violence. Years ago, when I began putting the pieces of my life back together, Break the Cycle gave me an opportunity to share my story and changed my life. Today, I am a member of the staff. My sincerest hope is that along with me, my community will support Break the Cycle’s tireless efforts to prevent and end teen dating violence.” 127.5%
Mae Philpott – “I am raising money for BTC in honor of my new son, Cabell. Hopefully he will grow up to be a caring, concerned, and charitable person who recognizes the importance of helping others who may not be able to help themselves.” 69.4%
Christibelle Salazar – “I’m doing the Brick Campaign for anyone who has felt alone in their relationships. This is to let them know that there is help and it’s important to be healthy and happy!” 80%
Chai Shenoy – “Break the Cycle brings to the forefront an issue that affects all youth: dating violence and sexual violence. Every day, I am grateful to be working on youth-led, youth-centric legal strategies and policy recommendations that empower youth to lead violence free lives. In times like this, we need to invest in our youth, in our future presidents and leaders, and through Break the Cycle’s work we allow you to give back and see tangible results.” 30%

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