Violence in schools has left many young people afraid of the very place they are sent to grow and learn. Schools need effective procedures to address violence. Staff must be taught the warning signs of abuse and resources available for students dealing with dating violence.

A program under VAWA, STEP (Supporting Teens Through Education and Protection - 42 USC 14043c-3) helps middle and high schools address dating abuse, sexual assault and stalking. Bringing a wide range of experts together including educators, law enforcement, domestic violence service providers and community agencies, these grants will:

  • Train school personnel
  • Connect students experiencing abuse with referrals and support services
  • Develop and implement school policies to hold perpetrators accountable, support victims and respond safely and appropriately to affected students
  • Provide students educational programming regarding dating abuse, sexual assault and stalking
  • Develop strong mentoring programs to aid students in coping with and understanding these types of violence

We urge Congress to fully fund STEP at the authorized level of $5 million per year.

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