Media Team

Join Break the Cycle's Media Team and apply your professional expertise to helping teens prevent, diagnose and escape unhealthy relationships.

The Media Team is a volunteer auxiliary group of PR, marketing and media professionals designed to help bring much-needed attention to the issue of teen dating violence and promote Break the Cycle's life-saving work. As a member, you will help spread a message of health, safety and empowerment to thousands of people nationwide.

Media Team members meet over the phone on a monthly basis to brainstorm, offer expert advice, trouble-shoot and help plan for upcoming opportunities.


Approximately 12-15 hours annually, including participation in monthly conference calls and ensuing projects if interested

How to Get Started

Send your resume or short bio to [email protected]. We will contact you with information about upcoming events.

Leadership Track

The Media Team is similar to a "Board of Directors-in-training." Members will serve as high-level Break the Cycle volunteers and learn what it takes to sustain and maintain a successful, national nonprofit organization.

Meet the Team

Break the Cycle thanks the current members of the Media Team:

Krystin Barnett

Tracy Fleischman

Lynne Hentemann

Nancy Newman

Kasey Soll

Charlene Solomon