Chase Giving Challenge

How it Works

Break the Cycle finished 32nd in Chase Community Giving’s first round, which means we won $25,000 and the chance to compete for $500,000 in round two!

Voting starts May 19th and goes until the 25th. Anyone who becomes a part of Chase Community Giving (by “liking” it on Facebook) gets five votes to use during the second round. You can only vote once for each charity, but you can help recruit your friends to vote for us by sharing our link (

To qualify for more funds, Break the Cycle must finish in the top 25. Here’s the breakdown:

  • First place wins $500,000
  • Second place wins $400,000
  • Third place wins $300,000
  • Fourth and fifth place win $200,000
  • Sixth through tenth place win $100,000
  • Eleventh through fifteenth place win $40,000
  • Sixteenth through twenty-fifth place win $20,000

All of these prizes are in addition to the $25,000 earned in round one!

What Will Your Vote Do for Break the Cycle?

Your support helps us continue the work we have been doing for 15 years: helping teens and young adults get the tools and knowledge they need to prevent and end abusive relationships. This year our work is more important than ever – now that we’re partnering with our friends at the National Dating Abuse Helpline to create the new Combining our expertise with the power of the Helpline’s phone and chat services, the new will be the ultimate healthy relationship resource.

From now till May 4, you can support Break the Cycle and nine other charities of your choice! We’ll be tracking our progress on our Facebook page, sending shout outs to our best recruiters and making sure the world knows why a vote for love is a vote for ending violence!