VAWA Action: Support College Students

May 09, 2012
The election is over and now it’s time for our officials to get back to work! Whether your representatives got re-elected or not, now is the time for them to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act. Let’s make this lame-duck session count!Why This VAWA

For the first time, the Violence… Read More

August 04, 2010
Dear Friends,When I joined the Break the Cycle family in 2009, Break the Cycle not only gained a Director of Youth Programs but a successful concert pianist and producer – skills one does not often see in a non-profit manager. Break the Cycle encourages each of us to make our own “voice” heard… Read More

July 15, 2010
Every 15 seconds someone, somewhere is abused. Everyone deserves to live free from abuse. Everyday people are denied that right.We at Break the Cycle work to end abuse through education, legal services and changing laws. But we can’t do it alone. And we don’t – YOU have helped us develop a… Read More

June 23, 2010
In Pennsylvania, nearly ten percent of high school students have already experienced physical abuse from a dating partner. On average, half of young victims are abused on school campuses. Despite this shocking prevalence of abuse and its proven negative impact on healthy development and… Read More
June 21, 2010
It’s not too late to join The Brick Campaign. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to help youth in your neighborhood .The winning Brick Layers will get Break the Cycle’s [Ending Violence] for a school of their choice. With a month left in the campaign, anyone could win!

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May 06, 2010
This May, Break the Cycle launches “Hear My Voice,” our new LGBTQ public outreach campaign! With a new section just for LGBTQ teens and young adults on The Safe Space, a PSA to be aired this fall, and appearances at Pride Festivals in Southern California – we’re proud to help the LGBTQ community… Read More
March 23, 2010
From the desk of Chai Shenoy,A few days back, I experienced something that I’ve always dreamed of– a White House event. I know, I know, many people who live in the Washington, DC area list the number of times they have turned DOWN an invite by the President. I can never imagine passing up on… Read More

March 11, 2010
The Louisiana House of Representatives is considering a bill that would require dating violence education for students in grades 7-12. The bill requires schools to teach students the definition of dating violence, warning signs of abuse and the characteristics of healthy relationships.If passed… Read More

March 01, 2010
To better help young survivors of dating abuse, Connecticut is considering legislation that would require all educators to receive training on dating violence.Representative Gerald Fox III, along with youth leaders from the Stamford Youth Services Bureau and students from Stamford High,… Read More

February 16, 2010
Break the Cycle is proud to premiere the Speak.Act.Change Girl Power Project in seven Girl Scout Councils across Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois and Texas. 120 select Girl Scouts Ambassadors will be trained as Peer Leaders to educate nearly 10,000 more middle and high-school aged Girl… Read More
December 29, 2009
Congratulations to Ohio on making The Tina Croucher Act law. Along with mandating teen dating violence education in grades 7-12, the new law also requires school districts to adopt a policy and provide staff training on dating abuse prevention.Help get teen dating violence education in your… Read More

December 03, 2009
Break the Cycle collaborates with MTV on A Thin Line, an initiative empowering youth to stop the spread of digital abuse. The campaign launched with It’s Time to Talk Day in New York, where Break the Cycle joined MTV, media and others to bring national attention to domestic violence.-Published… Read More
November 05, 2009
A group of young boys beat and raped their classmate as a crowd of onlookers stood nearby. After this recent incident in which a fifteen-year-old Richmond girl was gang raped outside of her high school, many people are realizing just how prevalent and horrifying youth violence can be.Sadly,… Read More

August 01, 2009
Break the Cycle is launching a new initiative to ensure that teens in rural communities get the help they need. These young people experience abuse at the same rate as their urban counterparts, but often have difficulty accessing services tailored to their needs.Schools Address Dating Abuse… Read More

New York Improves Law
July 03, 2009
In an exciting change of public policy, New York now allows thousands more victims, including teens, to access civil protection orders. The New York Legislature voted unanimously to expand the law. Now, teenagers, same sex couples and cohabitants can access legal protection without involving the… Read More
June 12, 2009
New surveys show that the current economy is leading to a rise in incidents of domestic violence. Help Break the Cycle empower youth to end abuse. Join us in Ending Violence.
June 08, 2009
You have less than a month to join Break the Cycle’s Brick Campaign and build a path to Help ensure that young people have access to all the information they need to avoid abuse and create healthy relationships. Support The Brick Campaign today!-Published on June 8, 2009

May 12, 2009
A new survey by Mary Kay Inc. shows that the economic downturn leads to an increase in domestic violence. Read Mary Kay’s press release now.
April 20, 2009
Does Your State Make the Grade? On March 24, Break the Cycle released the 2009 State-by-State Teen Dating Violence Report Card grading each state’s laws on how well they protect teen victims of dating violence. Almost half the states failed to make a passing grade and only five states received A’s… Read More
March 24, 2009
Break the Cycle releases the 2009 State-by-State Teen Dating Violence Report Card grading each state’s laws on how well they protect teen victims of dating violence.The report has already received wide media attention.