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Gratitude: Looking at What to Be Thankful for in a Relationship

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we wanted to take a moment and give thanks to what we’re grateful for in our partners and healthy relationships. See what the Break the Cycle staff had to say!

Charlotte Keenan, Staff Attorney:

I am thankful for trust and open communication about boundaries and needs.

Sarah Colome, Training and TA Program Manager:

I’m thankful for partners who recognize that my body is my own. I’m thankful to have had partners who value building me up, rather than tearing me down. And I’m thankful for partners that have recognized that they have a role in the struggle for gender equity and ending sexual violence, as much as I do.

Annika M. Gifford, Senior Director of Programs:

I’m grateful that my partner listens, and really hears me, as well as values and loves me for all of my strengths and imperfections.

Jasmine Uribe, Leadership & Engagement Manager:

I’m thankful for communication, understanding and teamwork! No matter the issue we work together to find a solution.

Ashley Badgley, Program Coordinator for Training & Technical Assistance:

I am thankful for my family and community. I am thankful for their honest activism, their true love and their constant support..

Quincy O’Neal, Operations Manager:

I am thankful to share with a partner the respect of each other as an individuals, with our own philosophies, penchants and predilections, coming together as complements, counterparts to form an amazing connection.

Laila Leigh, Legal Services Manager:

I’m most grateful for all the simple and silly moments in my relationship, but also for the strength of that relationship when other moments were too much to handle alone.

Khalisa Jacobs, Senior Director of Communications and Development:

I am thankful for those who recognize that partnerships of all kinds are important relationships to keep healthy too.

Nadia Osman, Content Coordinator:

I am thankful for everyone who recognizes the importance of healthy relationships, both in my own partnership and in others.

Amy Sanchez, Chief Executive Officer:

I am thankful for patience, unconditional love, and understanding.

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