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Why A+ Relationships are important

  • 1 in 3 of your peers experience some form of dating violence. Some might call that a public health epidemic. 
  • While in college, over half of your peers will experience abusive or controlling behaviors from their partners. 
  • Change begins with you! Read the sheets below, join Let's Be Real, and let's make A+ relationships the norm. 
  • These stats will give you the 411: General Dating Violence Facts & Why LGBTQ* Inclusivity is Essential
  • Download the Warning Signs HERE
  • Let's Be Real members say what A+ Relationships mean to them!

Healthy Relationships 101 - this sheet is for you if you say:

  • "I don't do relationships; it's all about the hook ups for me."
  • "Long-term, committed relationships are my jam."
  • "Eh I'm not into dating, but I do care about keeping things healthy with my friends."

Consent - this sheet is key if you say:

  • "Everyone keeps talking abount consent, but idk what that is." 
  • "I know consent is required, but won't that ruin the mood?"
  • "I know what consent is, but explaining it to my friends is a whole other story."

Boundaries - this sheet is your go-to guide if you say:

  • "I have literally no idea how to set boundaries."
  • "Setting boundaries makes me v uncomfortable."
  • "What do you mean set boundaries? I'm not sure I get it."
  • "I'm good at setting some boundaries, but it would help to have examples to tell my friends."

Dating Online & Apps - this sheet is a must read if you say: 

  • "I am never not on Tinder." 
  • "I chat with people online all the time, but sometimes things are creepy."
  • "My friends meet up with people from apps, but I worry about keeping them safe."

What Can I Say? - this infograph and web page are essential if you say:

  • "My friend told me they are being abused. What do I say?"
  • "My bff's significant other flips out on them for the littlest things in front of everyone. How do I tell them that's unhealthy?"
  • "I saw my sibling's friend with benefits slap them. What can I say to let them know that's not ok?"
  • "Our other friends stopped talking to my bff because they won't leave their significant other. How do I show that I still love my bff no matter what?"

Read the materials for adults.

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