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Mon, 2012-11-05 08:44 � cristina

With one in three teens experiencing physical or emotional abuse in a relationship, it is more important than ever that we work together to create a comprehensive safety net for youth experiencing dating violence.

Break the Cycle works hard to provide advocates against dating violence with the necessary tools and resources to create effective change for teens.

If You’re Reading This, You’re an Advocate!

Advocates are on the front line of the movement to end domestic and dating violence. You may be:

  • An experienced domestic violence professional ready to apply your expertise to youth.
  • An adult who works with youth.
  • A person who is working to increase teen’s rights.
  • Someone who wants to learn more about dating violence.
  • A new supporter.
  • A young person looking to become a voice against violence in your school or college campus.

Regardless, you are a key ally in the movement to end dating violence.

Take Action

As an advocate, you have the power to change your community for the better and create a stronger safety net for youth. Get started!

  • Educate yourself on the issue. Learn the facts about dating violence.
  • Check out the State Law Report Cards to see how your state’s laws measure up.
  • Explore Break the Cycle’s policy priorities and then starting talking to your state lawmakers about improving your state’s laws.
  • Say “no more” to domestic violence and sexual assault by joining in the No More Campaign.
  • Share your knowledge with your friends and neighbors by hosting a Valentine’s Anytime party.
  • Join our national grassroots coalition, Love Is Not Abuse Coalition